Susan Canoy: 2018 Oustanding Louisian Bosconian Awardee

Published December 2, 2017 8:59am

Susan Goseso Canoy is a graduate of High School class 1981. She started school from Sunbeams Kindergarten with Miss Suan as the class adviser. Thus, she earned a loyalty award from St. Louis School – which is how we called and remember this beloved school then.

Susan, as she is fondly called, only started painting in 1984. But before that, her talent for the visual arts was already evident in her elementary days. Little did her teachers know that while class lectures were going on, Susan’s hand was busy making caricatures on the back pages of her notebook using only the most popular medium at that time – the orange colored Bic ball pens. These drawings that continued through high school and college were very exceptional for a young student like her.

Seemingly, her course in Civil Engineering as well as her studies in Architecture did not fulfill her passion and love for the Arts. Her innate creativity and the desire to master her craft inspired her to develop the talent God had given her.

And soon she was well on her way. A little later, she had her own boutique selling her own paintings. Portraits of our local Mayors and Governors that you see in session halls – most of these were made or rather hand painted by Susan. Among many other personalities like, Bishop John F. Du, who was assigned in the Diocese of Dumaguete at one time, have commissioned her to do their portrait.

Through changing times, Susan tried new media. She ventured into handicrafts as souvenir items. What was special about her was the way she gave everything she did her personal touch. Each one of her paintings or designs is truly a work of art and defined her as an artist. In 2005, she was chosen as one of the finalists in the Phillip Morris Art Awards.

Currently she is into what she calls Bote-things, where she contributes to saving the environment by giving new life to old bottles thrown by the wayside irresponsibly. These are hand-painted bottles which had their day in the sun when they were chosen to be the trophies for a national frisbee competition. In time, these bottles drew more attention and happy buyers during local trade fairs such as Dumaguete’s very own “Sidlakang Negros”, a local producer’s shop for Negros Oriental which attracts many tourists. She now makes a lot of these bottles but each one is unique. That being so, collectors have been eyeing these items and boosting the demand for them.

Apart from this, Susan still manages to teach painting and art lessons in her summer classes each year. Her students are a good mix of young ones and the young once.

Like most of us, Susan has had her share of life’s challenges but with God’s grace and guidance, along with her creativity, focus and determination, she chose to rise above this and is now the celebrated artist that she is. We are all very proud of her and continue to support her in her every endeavor.