Don Bosco, Inc.

SALESIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT.  This office aims to organize fun events and other portals to engage the youth in the Salesian Movement.

ACCOUNTING OFFICE.  The office in charge of the financial concerns of students, pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff.

FACULTY OFFICE.  The office where teachers do their daily responsibilities as educators such as checking, planning and evaluating projects. It is open for students with academic concerns.

GUIDANCE CENTER.  The office where students and pupils can talk to their guidance counsellors about personal concerns.

STUDENTS SERVICES AND AFFAIRS OFFICE.  Mainly takes charge of any upcoming events and programs for the students.

HUMAN RESOURCE AND DEVELOPMENT.  The HR office is in charge of addressing the concerns of the teaching and non-teaching personnel. It deals with records, taxes and hiring new employees for the institution.

INTERNAL AFFAIRS OFFICE.  This office deals with the government recognition of the school and above all uplifting the reputation of the school.