Catalyst of Change

Published January 16, 2019 1:00am

By:By: Rhiyana Cassandra A. Salon, Grade 6-Oilvares

Margaret Thatcher said, “Journalism is a career which demands the highest professionalism. It demands responsibility as well, for the line between honest revelation and disingenuous sensationalism is sometimes perilously thin.” The question is, do you think campus journalists today are still possessing the courage to fight for the truth?”

School is a great avenue for children to discover, practice and perfect necessary lifelong skills. It is where learners are introduced with the 21st Century Skills for success such as as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and character-based education.

Learning values is one of the most important things children should learn at a very young age. Research has shown that students’ capabilities beyond academic learning of knowledge and skills are important predictors of achievement. While knowledge and skills may or may not be used in future jobs, character-based education will invariably be applicable to a wide range of professions.

On the other hand, the campus journalism program in the schools strengthens the different journalistic skills of the leaners in writing, photography, cartooning, lay outing, radio script writing and broadcasting. The best hope of this program is to empower pupils into opinionated growing individuals, capable of sound decision making and a firm stand on issues they can understand at their young age. With this opportunity, we may create a generation of future torch bearers.

Campus journalists are the bearers of great change. They shed light on issues. They always search for truth.