Be aware and Beware

Published January 16, 2019 1:00am

By:By: Rhiyana Cassandra A. Salon, Grade 6-Oilvares

Gadgets are fun and entertaining, yet so powerful in destroying a student’s brighter future. Therefore, minimizing the use of these devices is necessary. However, here are some ways on how to go about it.

Spend at most 30 minutes using gadgets every day. If you exceed chances are many health issues will likely occur. Latest studies show that children who spend so much time using these gadgets can acquire bad eyesight.

According to Dr. Mali Mann, a clinical assistant professor of Behavioral Science at Stanford’s University that aside from the harmful effects gadgets give to one’s health, they can also cause patterns of behavioral problems. Pupils are distracted because of their gadgets. It is impossible for them to keep focused.

When pupils reach home they directly get their tablets or phones and they won’t even remember that they have lessons to study, chores to do and tasks to accomplish. It is very important to prioritize school. However, these gadgets keep on luring and tempting pupils to put their studies and school behind them.

As responsible learners, let us put our studies first. Studying can give us wonderful future, but with phones, tablets, computers, laptops and the like, our future will be at risk since they don’t give us time to study. Gadgets are small, convenient and easy to use, but beware, because they are powerful enough to break you!