Don Bosco, Inc.

St. Louis School of Don Bosco, Inc. offers Basic Education from Pre-school to Senior High School. The school follows the K+12 curriculum prescribed by the Department of Education, however since the school’s pedagogy is anchored on Don Bosco’s Preventive System of Education, the curriculum for Preschool, Elementary, Junior High School and Senior High School are enriched with curricular and co-curricular activities intended to teach all Bosconians to run, jump, shout, sing and dance but never to sin. This means that the school teachings emphasize the core values of God-centeredness, Commitment to Excellence, Family Spirit and Social Responsibility while ensuring that they acquire the best in Catholic and Christian education to prepare them for the demands of a global world.

The Preschool Department assures that children get the best of the best in terms of preparation for the elementary years. Taught by the top nursery and kindergarten teachers, the children enjoy the best facilities in a place where they can study and play with peace and security, in an ambience that is a home away from home.

The Elementary Department takes pride in having experienced and dedicated teachers who are well-trained to journey with the young pupils as they prepare for junior high school. Grades 1 to 3 pupils get the best in primary learning in the Elementary Building. Grade 4 to 6 pupils enjoy their studies in the new Bicentenary Building which is right in front of the huge playground where children can play after school hours to their hearts content.

St. Louis School of Don Bosco’s Junior High School Department has gained the reputation as one of the top secondary schools in the province, which for the past 50 years have produced well-respected and prestigious political and government leaders as well as successful professionals who are good Christians and honest citizens.

Today, St. Louis School of Don Bosco is one of the few schools offering Senior High School. In line with the school’s ideals and pedagogy, it offers STEM, Accountancy and Business Management and General Academic tracks which include units in Theology and Philosophy to fulfill the school’s vision-mission and core values.

Indeed, St. Louis School of Don Bosco CARES with a

Curriculum that is gospel–inspired and technologically–enhanced;

Advocacy - on responsible stewardship of nature as well as on being compassionate towards the poor and the marginalized;

Responsive to the needs of the young and to the challenges of time;

Educative Pastoral Community that promotes a strong family spirit; and

Spirituality anchored on St. John Bosco’s Preventive System of Education based on Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.