St. Louis School of Don Bosco, Inc.

SLS of Don Bosco, Inc.

Welcome to Saint Louis School-Don Bosco of Dumaguete.

This is your second home. You have come to this school of Saint John Bosco not only to have your mind trained, but your heart and your will as well. You want to become a student who can stand on your own at the end of your training with:

• a well-developed mind

• a purified heart, and

• a strong will

Don Bosco's Educational System

As a Catholic Salesian School in the country, St. Louis School of Don Bosco aims at forming an Educative Pastoral Community where your children can grow into good Christians and honest Filipino Citizens according to the family spirit of St. John Bosco.

In keeping with the family spirit of St. Jon Bosco, the school's system of education is characterized by Reason, Religion, and Loving Kindness and by the commitment to build an atmosphere where the students are put in the "moral impossibility of offending God" or, in short, the school uses the Preventive System of Education.

The Preventive System of Don Bosco

The Preventive System is opposed to the Repressive System of education that focuses on strict authoritarian actions such as punishment, rules, and behavioral strategies. Where the Repressive System brandishes a ruler to strike the back of the hand, the Preventive System offers a hand to help the student up the next rung of the ladder. Basically put, the Preventive System is education met with Christian ethic.

This means that the school aims at instilling the values, attitudes, and skills of good citizenship. And above all, it commits itself to equip the young with attitudes and values of the Gospel and the Catholic Faith so that the young may begin to live in such a way as to fulfill life’s ultimate purpose – SALVATION OF SOULS.

The school also distinguishes itself by giving emphasis to Tehnological Work Education not only because of the demands of a developing country like the Philippines but also because of the effectiveness of Technological Work Education in fostering self-discipline and responsibilty.

Core Values

1. God- centeredness

As a Salesian institution, St. Louis School–Don Bosco (or SLS-DB) emphasizes God-centeredness in its pedagogy through the preventive system of education characterized by reason, religion and loving kindness thereby promoting the spiritual dimension of its members.

2. Commitment to Excellence

SLS-DB strives to pursue excellence in all aspects of human dimension for the holistic development of its members, making them pro-active agents.

3. Family Spirit

SLS-DB strengthens the Educative Pastoral Community through a culture of respect among its members therefore fostering a strong family spirit.

4. Social Responsibility

SLS-DB aims to gain consciousness on social responsibility focusing on environmental concerns, social issues and the marginalized.

Mission-Vision Statement

1. Vision

We envision St. Louis School – Don Bosco as the top Catholic institution that journeys with the young in their integral formation to become good Christians and proactive agents in the transformation of society through a Gospel-inspired and technologically – enhanced curriculum anchored on St. John Bosco’s Preventive System of Education.


1. An established dynamic Educative Pastoral Community inspired by a strong family spirit

2. The Preventive System of Education characterized by Reason, Religion, and Loving Kindness

3. A curriculum that promotes academic excellence and technological advancement and instills values of the Gospel and national consciousness

4. Competent and committed faculty and staff

5. Quality school facilities

6. Relevant and varied co-curricular program

7. Functional guidance program

2. Mission

SLS-Don Bosco

CURRICULUM that is Gospel-inspired and technologically-enhanced;

ADVOCACY on responsible stewardship of nature as well as on being compassionate towards the poor and the marginalized;

RESPONSIVE to the needs of the young and to the challenges of time;

EDUCATIVE PASTORAL COMMUNITY that promotes a strong family spirit;

SPIRITUALITY anchored on St. John Bosco’s Preventive System of education based on Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness.

School Logo

The logo shows the image of St. John Bosco. The wheel of trade and laurel leaves encirceling the image express the objective of the school to mold the youth both technologically and academically. The “cuernos” or horn of Negros, Mt. Talinis with the Coconut, which is a common agricultural product of the province, is cradled by the waves which speak of the geographical location of Dumaguete City, being along the sea coast of Negros Oriental. The year 1967 is the year when CICM Fathers founded St. Louis School and 1986 is the year when the Salesians of Don Bosco took over.